Help - Virtuemart Canadian Taxes




Enable Canadian Sales retail tax?: Set to yes to activate component. If set to no, Virtuemart normal tax behavior will apply

Store's Province: Select your province: This will be used to differentiate shoppers inside or outside your province

GST: Goods Sales Tax
PST: Provincial Sales Tax
HST: Harmonized Sales Tax
Enter your Tax numbers here.

Determine what should apply based on the buyer ship-to address.

Virtuemart Settings

Virtuemart: Is Virtuemart installed and enabled?

Extended classes: The component uses extended classes option from Virtuemart so it has to be activated in Virtuemart settings. 
vm settings2 

Tax Mode: Canadian tax are calculated based on the shipping address, not the store's address. You need to configure Virtuemart this way.
vm settings1 

It is recommended (but not mandatory) to activate the Virtual tax. If not activated, products with no weight defined will not be considered as taxable by Virtuemart.

Theme: The current theme used by Virtuemart.

Theme files: Check if necessary files were copied to the theme folder. If you change your theme after installation of Virtuemart Canadian Taxes, the label will be red and you'll have a button to copy the necessary files to the new theme.
NOTE: Some theme files are modified for the component to display the information correctly. The originial files will be saved in the same folder prior coping the new files. 

Show prices without taxes (B2B): In Canada, prices are displayed without taxes and taxes are added only at checkout time. Modify your shopper group accordingly
shopper group

Shipping Modules: Your shipping modules need to be modified in order to take the Canadian Taxes in consideration when calculating shipping taxes. Clic on each module to patch them.

Products settings: If you want the canadian taxes to be applied on your product, select 0 (-none-) in product settings. If you select another tax rate here, this tax will apply to the product.

Taxes Rates


Define the different taxes rates that apply to each province.