How to update all quantities from the cart page in one click

I was recently asked by one of my customers how he could have a button to save all quantities in the cart in one click.
Indeed his cutomers do recurring orders and have several line items for each order. With the help of our clone order plugin, they can quickly add all the products from a former order to their cart.
However this will copy the quantites over and from time to time, they might want to change the number of each item.


How to pinpoint Joomla performance issues

There are many many articles and blog posts about Joomla Performance and guess what, here is one more.
However this one is definitely targeted to Joomla and php experts as it focuses on the page generation time. I'll post another article soon about the page rendering time.
Please note the subject of this article is to pinpoint a loading time issue. Not to solve it.


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