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Clone order plugin

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Sales price: $15.00

Your clients have recurring orders? They often add the same items? Make their purchase experience easier!

This plugin will display a button allowing the customer to clone a former order (Copy all products from the order to the current cart).
By default, the button is displayed on the order detail page but can also be displayed in the order list with a small template change.
You can even use it in an article, a module or a product detail by adding a custom tag referencing the order to clone and use the plugin as a 'templated cart'
  • A coupon can be applied by default
  • Option to reset the cart before adding the products again
  • Customizable text and style
  • No personnal information from the order is cloned, just the items list
  • Out of stock items will not be added if Virtuemart is configured check stocks
  • Clone every order, even one you have defined on purpose


{  cloneorder orderid=364|pretext=Here is a button created with this plugin|text=Click me and add Bonus + SEF Pro to the cart|divstyle=float:none;coupon_code=}
Checkout this demo order :
Click on the 'Make similar order' button and all the items from the order will be added to your cart.

VersionRelease notesDate
3.2.0- Added a parameter to disable the template autoload (could block rendering on some servers). Place the tag manually if necessary.2015-12-04
3.1.0- Added link mode2015-08-20
3.0.1- Fixed an issue where some attributes were not properly copied over in some case2015-01-13
3.0.0- Fixed multiple attributes cloning - Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3 compatibility2014-12-15
2.7.0- Added possibility to filter on the order state2014-09-11
2.6.0- Added parameter to reset item quantities to 12013-10-28
2.5.4- Vulnerability fix2013-09-17
2.5.3- Improved custom fields copy to the new order2013-07-31
2.5.1- Bug fixes2013-06-28
2.5.0- Dropped Joomla 1.5/VM1.1 support, refer the the version specific for VM 1.1.x
- Added some test for products that were disabled
- Added some tests for products that are out of stock/low stock in case Virtuemart is set to monitor stock
2.1.4- Version checker change2013-05-29
2.1.3- Virtuemart 2.0.18 compatibility fix2013-03-06
2.1.2- Added safe html filter to pretext and posttext fields2013-02-04
2.1.1- Virtuemart 2.0.16 compatibility fix
- added J2.5 update server
2.1.0- New setting to apply a coupon
- Easy integration in order list
- Now possible to use a tag in articles and modules
- Settings overridable
- Clone every order, even one you have defined on purpose
2.0.3- VM2 : Button now attaches to the h1 tag instead of the table.2012-10-23
2.0.2- Added version checker in the plugin admin interface2012-08-03
2.0.1- Fixed a compatibility issue with Virtuemart 2.0.82012-08-01
2.0.0- Virtuemart 2.x compatibility2012-03-13
1.0.0- Initial version2012-02-09

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