Virtuemart links for JCE

Sales price: $5.00
Sales price: $5.00

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 This JCE Plugin will help you inserting links to your Virtuemart pages, categories and products directly from your editor.
Works with Joomla Content Editor version and above.
Works with Virtuemart 2.x

If you want to search for a product to link to, please follow the instructions below :

  • Verify that Virtuemart search plugin ins installed and published (Joomla plugins)
  • Go to JCE Editor profiles page and edit your current profile (default)
  • Navigate to the plugins parameters tab and select the links tab on the left
  • Scroll down to the section Link Search and check Virtuemart option there.
  • Save and close
  • Go back to your editor and you can now search a product from the link popup.
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