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Edit cart plugin

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Sales price: $15.00

In Virtumart, when you add a product with some attributes in the cart, it is not possible to update the chosen values.

If customer realize he made a wrong selection of product properties while he is in the cart, here needs to

  1. remove the product from the cart
  2. find the product in your store
  3. add the product to the cart again with the correct attributes

Chances are you loose your sale !

With this plugin, user can edit the attributes directly from the cart so he stays in the checkout context and have more chances to finalize his order.

A new button is added next to the product attributes


Clicking on that button opens a popup window where customer can change the values


VersionRelease notesDate
3.0.2- Fixed a javascript issue in some cases.2015-05-15
3.0.1- Fixed a compatibility issue with radio buttons options (Custom fields for all plugin)2015-03-09
3.0.0- Virtuemart 2.6.x and 3.x compatibility2015-02-03
1.1.1- Removed php warning2014-05-05
1.1.0- Added compatibility with Rupostel OPC2014-01-29
1.0.0- Initial release2013-10-27

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