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Orders totals content plugin

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This content plugin will quickly allow you to display customer's order amounts in articles and modules.

Publish plugin and add this to your content:


You can also override default settings:

{orderamount orderstatus=C,X|totalcolumn=order_subtotal|currency=EUR|decimals=0}

Tag will be replaced by the actual sum of all customer's order totals.

VersionRelease notesDate
1.1.0- Added order from and order to filters
- Added debug information
1.0.1- Vulnerability fix2013-09-17
1.0.0- Initial release2013-07-09

Help - Orders total content plugin

This content plugin will replace custom tags with user's order total amounts based on some parameters
To insert a order total in an article or a module, add the following code :
You can also override the default plugin settings:
{orderamount orderstatus=C,X|totalcolumn=order_subtotal|currency=EUR|decimals=0}
Separate the different parameters with a pipe (|)
Here is a list of parameters you can override:
ParameterTypeDescriptionPossible values
orderstatustextOrder status to be considered in the sumOrder status codes defined in Virtuemart (separate values by a comma)
orderfromstrtotimeFilter the orders creation datePlease refer to strtotime function and relative date formats
ordertostrtotimeFilter the orders creation datePlease refer to strtotime function and relative date formats
totalcolumntextColumn from the orders table to include in the sumorder_total, order_subtotal, order_tax, order_shipping, order_shipping_tax, coupon_discount, order_discount
currencytextThe currency used for displaying the resultCurrency code (3 chars) defined in Virtuemart
decimalsintNumber of decimals to include in the result 
debugbooleanWill display the sql query generated for the selected options0/1


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