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Does your store offer product bundles, combos, gift baskets, package deals or other products that are a group of your individual products?  If so then you have to manually update your individual product sku's every time one of your bundles sells.  For example, you sell  golf tees,  golf balls, and  golf tee removers.  If you offer a bundle of 1 of each then every time that bundle sells you have to manually update the stock level for each individual item which is time consuming, confusing, and can result in items selling to customers when you don't have any stock left.

Daycounts Stock Handle for Virtuemart plugin takes care of all of that! Easily installs using Joomla Extension manager and is configured in a few easy steps, no core hack required.  You can put as many different items, even multiples of the same item,  in a combination product listing and every time a combination sells your individual products inventory is automatically updated.

Want to add more functionality to your Virtuemart store?  Add Advanced Inventory for even easier inventory control.  View and edit all of your inventory on one screen.

VersionRelease notesDate
3.1.0- Added the possibility to enter a quantity to be updated2015-05-05
3.0.0- Now compatible with Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 32014-11-06
1.0.1- Fixed a Package issue.2014-02-11
1.0.0- Initial release2014-02-04

Help - Stock Handle

This custom field is intent to be a cart attribute custom field.


First install the plugin with Joomla installer and publish it

Create a new custom field in Virtuemart



Edit a product and add the custom field to it


Next time this product is ordered, the metal ladder, the nice saw and the circular saw stocks will be updated as well.
Please not this works for new orders only. Former orders with this product do not know of this custom field so the stocks are not updated.

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