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Autocomplete Search

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Sales price: $20.00
Sales price: $20.00

This Joomla System plugin will add autocomplete function to your existing search fields.
Start typing and your products will showup directly.
Options to
  • show/hide product thumbnail
  • show/hide product sku
  • autofill with the first match
  • search in categories
  • search in manufacturers
  • search in sku
  • search in product description and/or short description
  • customizable CSS
  • and much more...

Try it yourself! Start typing in the search box above..arrow-up 


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VersionRelease notesDate
1.9.0- Added 'View all' option - Added SEF urls2015-08-24
1.8.1- Filter on current category issue fix2014-10-29
1.8.0- Added original crossed price is product is discounted.2014-09-11
1.7.0- Joomla 3.x and Virtuemart 3.x compatibility2014-08-14
1.6.3- Fixed an issue when using search in sku option with some versions of Virtuemart.2014-07-31
1.6.2- Fixed a bug where the parent image was not displayed when searching upon children products but displaying the parent product only.2014-06-08
1.6.1- Added search in meta description and meta keywords2014-04-07
1.6.0- Added possibility to select whether the plugin should apply to Virtuemart search and or Joomla search module
- Added possiblity to attach to custom selector
- Added possibility to hide child results and display the parent instead
- New update procedure with free plugin (Joomla 2.5.19 and above only)
1.5.3- Added a selection of the custom fields that are searchable.
- Added a version history link
1.5.2- Fixed prices for results loaded from a custom plugin match - Fixed images for external images - Changed css to show the loading gif when the field already had a background property set.2013-12-09
1.5.1- Added parameter to load the autocomplete jQuery library in normal, defer or async mode2013-11-11
1.5.0- Added a parameter to prevent script from loading in popups windows2013-10-17
1.4.2- Vulnerability fix2013-09-17
1.4.1- Fixed a bug with max results to be displayed2013-07-23
1.4.0- Added an option to filter results on the current category
- Fixed potential conflict with jDownloads
- Excluded unpublished products from result
1.3.4- Fixed strict warning error
- Fixed potential cache issue
1.3.2- Version checker change2013-05-29
1.3.1- Fixed a bug when Fill with was set to product sku
- Improved search by sku
1.3.0- Added sort by settings
- Added price display
- Dropped support for Joomla 1.5 / VM1.1.x
1.2.7- Added the possibility to search on product sku only (VM2 Only)2013-05-01
1.2.6- Prevent unecessary loading in admintration2013-04-18
1.2.5- Added search upon custom fields (VM2)
- Added search in product description and short description (VM1)
- Fixed bug with search in manufacturer and category names
1.2.4- Added search on description and short description fields (VM2 only)2013-03-12
1.2.3- Added possibility to load Javascript in bottom2013-03-04
1.2.2- Added parameter to enable/disable search field focus on page load2013-01-23
1.2.1- Added exclusion setting for Mobile Joomla websites2013-01-08
1.2.0- Virtuemart 2.0.16 compatibility
- Added update server (J1.6+)
1.1.0- Now can select your own css file2012-10-21
1.0.9- Added filter to exclude child products2012-08-25
1.0.8- Filtered products on published only (VM2)2012-08-20
1.0.7- Added a class \'autocompletesearch\' to the selector. Add this class to your module in case the search field name attribute is neither \'keyword\' nor \'searchword\'2012-08-08
1.0.6- Added a parameter to disable the SEF to prevent issues with some third parties SEF handlers2012-07-23
1.0.5- List switches right aligned if there is no space to display it.
- Added version checker
1.0.4- Changed Javascript namespace to prevent conflicts2012-06-21
1.0.3- Now redirect to the product page upon selection2012-06-14
1.0.2- Fixed a bug with some URL rewrites settings on VM2 that would fail to load the images2012-06-13
1.0.1- Fixed javascript bug2012-04-11
1.0.0- Initial version2012-02-11

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