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Keep calm and migrate to Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2 with this very complete migrator
Virtuemart 2 migrator
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Shopper group changer plugin (VM1.1.x)

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Sales price: $12.00
Sales price: $12.00

This Joomla System plugin will can change the customer shopper's group based on his former orders.
The administrator can determine order amounts thresholds to change customer shopper's group.
  • For example, customer has purchased for 200$ of products within last month, move him to the gold member group
  • Customer  bought for less than 100$ within last year, downgrade him to the default shopper group
This is very usefull as you can set custom prices or discounts per shopper's group in Virtuemart
Message displayed to customer is customizable

VersionRelease notesDate
1.2.0- Compatibility fix with Virtuemart 2.6
- Now parses order upon user login
- Revomed php warnings
1.0.0- Initial release2012-12-14

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