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Still in Virtuemart 1.1.x?

Keep calm and migrate to Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2 with this very complete migrator
Virtuemart 2 migrator
vm_migrate_logo_256Price: $49.00

Virtuemart SEF PRO (VM1.1.x)

Use Search Friendly (SEF) URL's in Virtuemart

  • Includes category name in url
  • Includes product name in url
  • Define product aliases to get rid of the ID
  • Define categories aliases to get rid of the ID
  • Now manages category tree!
  • Define pages aliases
  • Joomfish compatible (Content elements included)
  • Reorder your url segments like category/product/page or page/category/product...
  • Activate url rewiting per querystring parameter
  • Hide the default flypage parameter from url
  • Installation made easy with Joomla Installer
  • Redirects non-SEF urls to SEF urls.
  • Supports custom keywords MetaTags.
  • There is absolutly no hack to core Joomla or Virtuemart component.

Virtuemart SEF Free and PRO will not be migrated to Joomla 1.7 or 2.5 not Virtuemart 2.0. Why that? Well simply because VM2.0 natively supports SEF and Virtuemart 1.1.x is not compatible with Joomla 1.7 or 2.5


Compare versions

Compare SEF versions

Virtuemart SEFFreePRO
Routing categoriesticktick
Routing productsticktick
Routing other VM Pagesticktick
Joomfish compatibleticktick
URL with no id and extra parameter-tick
User defines alias -tick
third parties compatible -tick
Rewrites Javascript links -tick
SSL Compatible -tick
Cache management -tick
Custom transliterate -tick
non SEF Redirections -tick
Meta Keywords-tick
PriceFree !45$

See a live demo here -> demo.daycounts.com

VersionRelease notesDate
2.1.5- Added manufacturer custom description to browse page filtered by manufacturer2012-04-09
2.1.4- Added Meta Description management
- Fixed a bug with Prev/Next product links that would loose category in some cases.
2.1.3- Added parent/child filter to product list2012-01-09
2.1.2- Now removes pop=0 from prev/next url
- Fixed a bug with front end editing
2.1.1- Fixed a bug with Manufacturer\\\'s popup link2011-12-05
2.1.0- Added Meta keywords managements2011-12-01
2.0.7- Fixed a bug with PDF pages
- New search module
- Quick icon module improved
2.0.6- All flypages are now hidden in alias mode
- Added redirect possibility to the plugin
2.0.5- Fixed a bug with the virtuemart search module2011-09-07
2.0.4- Fixed a bug with plugin when loading RSS2011-08-19
2.0.3- Redirection fixes with Internet Explorer2011-08-11
2.0.2- Redirection fixes & warning free.2011-08-08
2.0.1- Fixed a bug with the system plugin2011-08-03
2.0.0- Full revamp
- Added SSL redirection support
- Compatible with third parties modules
- Improved performance
1.5.6- Joomfish support - Virtuemart menu items handling. Now, if a menu item pointing to a category exists, it will take it\'s alias without redundant alias.2011-06-29
1.5.5- Fixed a bug with the router file.2011-06-09
1.5.4- Fixed a bug with page navigation in administration
- Alias conflict check enhanced.
1.5.3- Now got rid of the browse and details parts from the url.2011-05-07
1.5.2- Bug fixes in the installer2011-04-03
1.5.1- Bug fixes with URL caching
- Disabling the component in Joomla will disable the rewriting too (just in Virtuemart)
1.5.0- Added experimental urls caching to remove the ?sef= QueryString parameter
- Added check on duplicate products aliases and categories aliases
- Fixed flypage containing a dash (flypage-ask.tpl)
1.4.0- Added manufacturers and vendors handling2011-01-17
1.3.4- Minor fix to get rid of a warning message2011-01-14
1.3.3- Fixed print icon URL
- Added version checker
1.3.2- Added search page management and category tree in URL2010-12-28
1.3.1- Change installer package for Joomla Installer2010-12-21
1.3- Initial release2010-12-18

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