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Today we are proud to reveal the new version of Virtuemart Bonus.
Easier admin interface, new settings, code rewrite and simplier integration within Virtuemart to be virtually compatible with any Virtuemart template without any template overload!

Code rewrite: Although we always paid close attention to our coding standards, with the legacy of Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1 and forseeing Virtuemart to be ported to Joomla 3, it was time for us to review our code. 

Admin interface: Well, Virtuemart bonus rules became pretty crowded with all the settings and possibilities. So we've simplified it with new controls for a more usable interface.

Messages revamp: It is all about giving your customers the right message at the right moment to boos your sales. So now the front end module have an all new set of settings to select witch message types to display in the module. For a more unified notification system, VM Bonus can now also use the Joomla native notifications.

Better shopper groups filter: With the previous versions, shopper groups were used as a filter on the rules to be parsed. We'ver turned that around so it is now a parameter of the rule. That means the rule can be parsed but will not be validated if user is not in the right group. By the way, we've simplified the settings so that no shopper group selected in the rule means the rule is valid for any user. No more select all as previously

Debug messages: Rules can sometimes be quite complicated and it is not alway easy to understand why a rule does not get validated. Debug messages were present from the begining but we've simplified them and added a possibility to display them to administrators only so you don't bother your customers while testing a rule. 

Last but not least: No more template override! Yes, you got it right! No more need to make a custom override to render the cart page and integrate VM Bonus into it. Want to change your Joomla template? VM Bonus will not add any workload to you


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